Money’s the Root of all Evil! Or is it? A Look at Rich Dad — Poor Dad

I’m very interested in money. In, fact I love it just as much as I do lifting. Or African Black Soap. Or Improv. Or doing push – ups.

I’m the guy that has many coin jars filled with quarters, pennies, dimes, and nickels.

I worked every summer in high school. And I hold on to my money religiously into the fall and winter months.

I’ve cut a bunch of expenses such as Netflix and weekly haircuts. I do my own haircuts, now.

Basically, I’m a super saver. I love saving. I even save when I don’t have to. At All.

For example, my grandma gave me cash recently. Extra cash to which I can do anything with cause I literally had work in couple hours — where I’ll make more money. But instead of spending it on something silly like clothing I don’t need — I just it in a savings account.  It was kinda heart pumping. Intense. Fun.

I love socking away moolah in hopes that it will help me in the future. That’s all I need. A cushion. All I spend my dinero on is kombucha, African black soap, and spaghetti – pretty much. Wow, I sound like a boring poo poo head. But, man, that’s all I like.

Don’t like Jordans (anymore).

Don’t buy or play video games.

Sometimes I buy books.

Don’t buy music (who does?).

Don’t care ‘bout jewelry.

Don’t care ‘bout new shirts. All I wear is black shirts from H&M. And A-shirts. And black jeans. That’s it. I’m set.

I’m a simple man.

Maybe when I get older I’ll change it up a bit. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I really like those freaking black H & M shirts.

Anyway, this book is awesome. To me.

The author, Robert K gets a lotta slack for being too salesy. And kinda being an fraud. But some stuff that he says in his books — match what other successful people say.  So, he has to be doing something right, right?

These are just a couple point points that I’ve gathered from his book …

Number One —  Save 10% of your Income

I’ve seen lotta bloggers and personal gurus preach this. And you know what? I love, love, love it. This taps into my natural strengths in terms of finance.

I know how to delay instant gratification.

I may not be able to raise my income as well. (Basically learn how to sell more)

But I can save a good part of it. Which older Jamual will be thanking me for. I know it. Cause who couldn’t use a few extra dollars, you know?

I also love this saving stuff cause I make a sport outta it. Every week or so, I increase the amount I save. So sometimes I save 10% of my income. Sometimes 12%. Sometimes 13%.

You should see me run over to the bank — big ole smile on my face.  Whatever the amount is — I chuck it away for a later date. Then I can use that for …


Business ideas.

Helping a family member or friend.

Splurge on special nice (probably never).

Saving is awesome for me. Cause trust me — I’ll rather have money saved than no money at all. I freaking know that feeling. And I like having moolah way, way, way better. It’s like a little a big pillow.

Number Two — Best Selling Writer

In chapter 6 — a big chapter for me — Robert talks bout a convo he had with a writer. Basically she asked how to be a best selling writer.

He said to study advertising and public relations, basically. I’m paraphrasing… The writer didn’t get it. She didn’t wanna sell the book. But she wanted to be a best selling author Sounds super crazy, right?

I’ve heard this a lot from artists.

I’m not a salesperson.

Selling’s tough.

It’s not about the money. It’s about the art.

All that is BS. And I can’t relate. Cause I love the dough. I have a appreciation for it. And always will.

Newsflash: Artists should be paid for their work.

Their just like everyone else. They did a job: created a something — a product, most likely. They should be paid.

Just like that Mcdonald’s employee. Or a boss at a firm. Everybody wants and needs money. And for a artist to blatantly disregard sales and marketing and finance  — cause it’s too hard — is not a smart move at all.

As we speak I looking up how the owner of McDonald’s – Ray Kroc – expanded the brand. The book is called The E – myth by Michael Gerber.

 Then I’m gonna amply to my life. Give some structure to it. That’s good for freaking self  development. You know how many YOLO through life. Then when their like 40s. They stop. And have a mid life crisis.

Trust me I know. I work at a bar.  Grown men and women that act like kids are wild, unhinged, and seem kinda lost. Why? I think cause they lack structure in life. They shoot from the hip way way to much. Maybe they should go work at McDonald’s — give ‘em some structure. Actual advice of Robert himself to help run a turn key franchise.

Hell, this selling stuff has even got me by the throat. Literally as I’m writing this, I’m looking up old sale letters like the Rolls Royce ad by the late great David Ogilvy.


And writing them out by hand. Why? To understand copywriting — salesmanship in print. This method has been approved by many copywriters that make money.  And I do it a lot. Personally, writing them out by really changed the way I write other forms…

My emails/text are more short and to the point.

My creative writing (I’m a screenwriting major) moves quick as hell. It’s tighter. Nicely wrapped.

After writing ads, my writing has self awareness. Like I know someone’s gonna read this other than me. So, I focus on explaining stuff as simple as possible. Basically like Twitter.

Which leads to my other gripe ‘bout other writers. Alotta of their work is super selfish. Especially their creative writing. (Trust me I critique screenplays.) They’re only writing for themselves. They’re not thinking ‘bout the audience. At all.

When you write, man, write to one person. Say everything you wanna say to this person as if they were across from you from you. I do this with everything I write. Tweets. Short stories. Blog posts. Everything. Be less selfish. Please.

Okay, wow — I went in on this post.

Personally, I could write way more on this book. But you’ll be reading forever. So, I’ll stop here.

It’s a good book for a introduction to personal finance, business, personal development.

I’ll read those books too. And give thoughts on ‘em.

Till next time,


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Bye, bye


Things I’ve Noticed After Making Over 60 Bucks on EBay in 3 Weeks

I’ve really been into business lately. Mostly over the summer. I’ve been reading business books by Trump, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, and of course, finance guru — Robert Kiyosaki.

Why am doin’ this?

Well, since I have this blog — I thought might as well figure out how to expand this out, you know, all through marketing and branding.

Now, I’m not a natural entrepreneur by any means. It’s not my number one talent. At All.

My number one talent is that I’m a writer. That’s my strength. It’s been my strength since I was born. Ever since I was a kid locked in his room with a of couple books. And his silly imagination.

I’m the guy that goes to the book store. And stays there for 5 plus hours. And no one can find ’em.

I’m the guy that gets excited by James Patterson, Elmore Leonard, and James Cain thrillers.

I’m the guy that gets high scores on the reading part of the SAT. And flunks the math part.

I’m the guy — okay, I’ll stop now…

… But now, I’ve noticed that to expand my career — whether I wanna be a entrepreneur or an regular employee —  I’m gonna need more skills to become marketable.

So, I’ve been studying to get some overall business savvy skills. Over the summer, I’ve studied marketing, finance, branding, sales, and customer service (which I’m already good at) …

… Then I thought ’bout a whole host of hustles to do to get some experience. This blog was big part of it earlier in the year.

I even tried niches site, which I haven’t figured out yet.

But I did start selling video games on EBay. An idea I got from Gary V — the social media guru.

The whole experience has been pretty exciting. Where I’ve developed a nice little process for it.

Let me tell ya what it was:

On a day where I didn’t have anything to,  I would wake up. And walk to a video game store like Gamestop or something. Then go to the used games section and a buy cheap game. And then throw the listing up on EBay. And wait till it sells. Easy, huh?

Over the months of July and August, I did this project and I was really excited to use other skills  besides writing. I marketed, did operations, and customer service. I was a one man EBay selling machine. It was fun, fun, fun. Making money on the side is a amazing hobby for people. Especially for people like me with no business savvy whatsoever.

The Number Thing I’ve Noticed 

The number thing I’ve noticed ’bout running a business is that it’s hard, hard, hard. And it takes time, time, time. It’s a real grind.

I’ve been watching my boss for while — who owns a bar/ restaurant. And that man seems stressed all the time. You can tell by the look in his eyes. Always having to deal with stuff breaking, employees acting weirdly, customers fighting, burning cash at super fast rate.

One day, I heard him yelling on the phone saying, ” F you, f you, f you,” repeatedly  at a person. It was crazy. And showed me that running a business is serous, serious, business. And if you don’t know what you’re doing. And can’t take hits, emotionally. Or know your finances. Or can’t sell — you’re gonna be in deep deep doo – doo. 

Overall, if you wanna start a business or have a business — more power to ya. It’s a bunch of work.  But the skills you learn are amazing to talk bout. Or throw up on a resume. You just gotta figure out your strengths. And see where you fit in.


Apple — The best branding! Ever!