Good Nutrition Is Simple Math – Pretty Much

I was thinkin’ bout this lately.

Good health is ‘bout subtraction.

When I started to switch up my diet in December ‘16, I started takin’ away whole of crappy foods.

I cut Mcdonald’s.


French Fries.


All gone.

Cut, cut, cut.

And added only a couple things – like kombucha and carrot juice and eggs.

But that’s ‘bout it. My diet is pretty simple.

I think in the modern world a lot of people are confused cause there are so many choices to choose from.

Roam through the halls of your favorite grocery store, there are a bunch different items, different brands.

What do you pick?

Which ones are good?

I say – keep it simple.

Only get a couple things – eggs, kombucha, ground beef or steak. This keeps your diet super easy and you don’t have to think much.

When I go to the grocery store, I know exactly what I want. And you know how I did it?

Simple Math.

Subtraction, not addition.


New Year, New You! Let’s Fix Your Health!


Found a post in my Fall ’16 journal.

It’s just a quick guide to my health system.

It’s extremely easy. And basic. And keeps you lean forever.

I’ve been perfectin’ it since October. And helps me when I don’t know what to do – healthwise – on any given day…

Daily Habits Lead To One Goal!

This system is built for longevity. And anti agin’.

I wanna live a long healthy life – like to 100 + years old. That’s my first “vision” for my life.

So following habits, daily, will help me achieve this Big goal.

Also, a lot of these principles I got from this guy …

… This guy is cool. He’s 60 + years old. Buff and knows a lot ’bout health.  A great resource!

So, these are my daily habits to get to my marco goals…

A) Wake up and drink either kombucha, coffy, water, beet juice, or carrot juice.

No big breakfast. Protein shakes for meals between the day.

And eat regular meals full of protein throughout the day.

You know, chicken and broccoli. Or a nice gyro. Somethin’ like that.

B) Fastin’: I usually fast once or twice a week. Which keeps my food cost way low. And is awesome for skin care too.

A customer told me one time that my face looked shiny and clear when I did a neat 24 hour + fastin’ session.


Also, fastin’ helps avoid the Big C – cancer – apparently. Which makes me even more excited!

C) Lifting: Nothin’ to crazy. 

I lift a few times a week.

 K. I. B – keep it basic.

I do chest presses, squats, and deadlift. Curls too.

That’s bout it. And I stay lean, lean, lean all year round.

Sounds pretty easy, huh?

D) Blood donation: This one is new, new, new.

I’ve done this in the summer. And it’s awesome.

Benefits include lower risk of cancer, lower risk of brain defects, etc. And I’m helping people by providing good healthy blood.

It’s a win – win.


E) Less Junk: I’ve been eating less McDonalds – so that’s good. We all know ’bout eatin’ less crap processed food, right?

Stuff messes with your brain, hormones, and does super duper bad stuff to you, in general.

Now, I’m not goin’ to kill it completely.

If I’m hungry and Mcdonald’s is around – I’ll buy a quarter pound. No biggie. Tastes good.

But I’m not gonna go overboard with this stuff. I have restraint.

Ate this after the crazy – crazy election.

What A Time To Be Alive.

F) P.D. Mangan recommends the Paleo diet.

Now, I do too. I’ve tried it. Did it strictly for two months. It freakin’ works, like magic. You’ll lose weight.

But right now, for me – it’s a little too much magic, you know?

I’m gonna eat some carbs.

Some carbs ain’t too too bad…

… So, that’s it, pretty much.

That’s how I stay healthy. And with this system – I’ve maintained a lean body weight with good amount of lean muscle too.

And haven’t had the flu since last December (12 months ago).

Hopefully this easy guide works for you.



Lookin’ Back On The Paleo Diet (The Best Weight Loss Plan Ever)

When I was 18 – I tried a rad new diet called the Paleo Diet.

Well, it doesn’t seem new anymore – it seems to hit the mainstream a lil’ bit. And I’m happy bout that. Cause it’s the only “diet” I’ve ever done.

Honestly, I hate diets. They’re not fun – at all.

Stoppin’ yourself from eatin’ certain stuff can be terrible for some people.

Especially your everyday consumer who sometimes get food headaches after not eatin’ for a couple hours.

But diets – the good ones – can sometimes be a necessary evil.

So, I tried it for a month or two to get some “dietin’ experience” so to speak.

Here’s how it went …

Eggs, Eggs, And More Eggs!

If you don’t know what the paleo diet is – it’s pretty simple. You basically…

A) Eat protein (eggs, meat, nuts) They’re king of the diet.

B) Limits carbs (No flour, bread, rice. Yams and sweet potatoes – okay)

C) No sweets – at all.

D) Lots of fat (Olive oil and such)

E) No diary (milk – no. Coconut milk and Almond milk – okay)

F) Veggies are queen.

Basically, people who do the paleo diet believe humans should ditch the carbs, sweets, and most diary in order to simulate the eatin’ habits of our ancestors who hunted for their food.

They preach liftin’ super heavy weight and bein’ one with nature.

Kinda like really strong hippies.

Like I said before – I did it for 2 months. And got interestin’ results.

Basically, my food schedule was …

A) Mornin’ – eggs bathed in olive oil and sweet potatoes and maybe a protein shake.

B) Lunch – the same as mornin’.

C) Dinner – chicken and broccoli…

… That’s it. Nothin’ fancy.

Actually, it’s closer to my diet habits nowadays – minimalist and scarce. Which makes this diet really easy from the start – you throw all those fattenin’ carbs and sweets like doughnuts.

I saved a good chunk off money on the diet cause when I went to the store to buy food – I only bought eggs – a whole lot of ’em – and olive oil and sweet potatoes and chicken. Or beef.  So simple. And I love simple.

The second huge factor of this diet is the weight loss.

I shrank.

Lost 10 pounds in two weeks, no joke.

Now, granted, I was already a skinny kid, but the speed in which I did it was amazin’ – couldn’t believe it. I finally had clear, defined abs. No fat whatsoever.

That’s the major thing I endorse ’bout the Paleo diet.

If you follow it, you’ll lose weight – guaranteed. No don’t bout it.  You will shrink. And super fast too.

With the lack in carbs, your body won’t store extra energy and burn fat like crazy – crazy. Causin’ you to lose weight.

Now, the paleo diet has some drawbacks.

The lack of carbs can be dangerous for some like people with diabetes One – where they need more carbs (energy) in their diet to survive. They won’t benefit from this diet.

Even for “regular people” like me, I remember feelin’ kinda tired cause my body wanted some energy from a carb or somethin’. So, to fix that – I would eat sweet potatoe fries with ketchup to recharge – so good.

The other drawback is that it’s kinda borin’.

I ate so many freakin’ eggs on the freakin’ diet that to this day – I shudder at makin’ them now.

But, overall, I think it’s a very good diet. That gives you fast results.

If I ever get personal trainin’ clients that wanna lose weight, I would have ’em follow this. Cause it’s easy, inexpensive, and really simple. And you know I’m the king of simple, right?

Reminds me of my Paleo days – good times, real good times

— Jamual