Always Be Funny – The Male Protagonist in 2018

So, I was just on Twitter talking about the new God of War video game, which I’m watching via YouTube.

I love this damn game. It’s amazing.

But I did notice something about the main character – Kratos.

Dude is uber serious. Never crack jokes. Never smiles.

Even Wired wrote a piece on Kratos – and his appetite for violence, claiming that’s he’s toxic.

I disagree. I think Kratos is just a personality type. Strong, but silent type. A warrior. And that’s the thing with the personality type – they don’t think, they just do. Tough, stoic.

Much like the John Waynes, Clint Eastwoods of the old Westerns, which I love.

These characters don’t talk much, quick to anger, disagreeable, grumpy, strong, leaders, and blaze their own lane.

They’re my favorite type of characters. Which seems to be a relic, nowadays.

I hardly ever see those type of characters anymore. When I was growing up, you had characters like Blade, Leonidas from 300, Mel Gibson, greek myth movies, war movies of the 80s.

Those types were all over.

Nowadays, the main characters have to be funny. I call them the “Woody Allen” types.

Male characters, to me, are pushed to be funny. Even the brawny ones.  I saw Thor Ragnarok a while back. And while I liked it a lot – it’s pretty funny – I think it’s kinda weird to have these big, hulking guys cracking jokes.

I was thinking – Would John Wayne approve?

Cause sometimes I like serious. I like my toxic masculinity. I like my grumpiness. My disagreeableness. My beard. It’s what I’m drawn too.

Action, violence, competitiveness.

Girls like talk shows, feel good stuff.

Men like sports, and violence.

There’s nothing wrong with that, you know?



Marketin’ Is The Start Of Your Communication Strategy – Respect It!

I’m a mass communications student.

I love anythin’ where I can connect with another people on big scale.

When I was younger, besides hittin’ push ups in my room, I would stare at the TV, watchin’ show after show. Watchin’ movie after movie after movie (I even watched a movie ‘fore I started  writin’ this blog post).

Mass comms is a whole field that involves…






Public Speakin’.






And I’m into most of this stuff (some more than others).

But – why am I into this stuff?

Who knows, man. Passion makes no sense.

Anyway so – quick story – I was at my non profit gig earlier in the month, and I heard the founder/leader yell somethin’ cool.

He clicked off his phone, ran into the room, where we were workin’ and said, ” We got soul cycle!”

To fill you in – we were workin’ on a project to get sponsors to give us stuff, basically fundrasin’. And it was my job to find companies, so the PR department can contact them.

So I made a whole, big list full of companies. And a week later, the PR team snagged Soul Cycle as a sponsor.

What does that mean?

Well, that means free stuff, food, clothes, etc for our organization!

Sound goods, right?

And it all happened cause of my marketin’ data – that’s it.

That’s why when you start your projects – any project – you need to think ’bout the marketin’ first.

It’s the start of your comms strategy.

You need a marketin’ plan.

And it doesn’t have to be a crazy plan. It can be quick an’ dirty.

My plans are super simple. Where I use the 5 W’s. And I bounce the ideas off another team member. As well as a lil’ research. That’s it.

Remember what Dan Kennedy – marketin’ guru – says, “Marketin’ is your business,”

He’s right. And you better respect it!



3 Benefits Of Improv Comedy

Improv Comedy’s fun. Really fun.

And has given me a lot in life.

Besides hitting on girls in train stations — nothing can compare to it.


Let me tell you a quick story —

For 4 years straight, I was obsessed with it. On weekends it was all I did — attending classes, doing jams (performing in front of others), and watching comedy shows.

Some days I would hit all the well-known theaters (UCB, Magnet, and the Pit). And just perform.

In my afternoon screenwriting class, I would stare at the clock until it hit 6 PM.

At 6, I would race outta there in order to make it to the 3 hour class at 7 in Manhattan.

I caught the performing bug and it wouldn’t leave my body.

It was my passion (which has now switched to writing), obsession, and first lesson in self-development.

Without further ado, here are the top benefits of being a improviser.

Number 1 — Social Skills 

Job interviews make you nervous?

Business meetings, presentations for school?

Wanna talk to random strangers — just for the heck of it?

How bout that crush of yours?

Cat got your tongue when talking to them?

Solution: Improv.

After four years of this stuff, I can tell you that giving presentations are easy for me. I can talk to anybody I want on the street and don’t feel any social anxiety. Especially on job interviews.

If you do some Improv — you won’t either. I promise you.

Do enough classes, enough scenes, and enough performances — your charisma will increase.

Also, one of the big principles in Improv is active listening – which means actually listening to people, shutting the hell up and letting someone speak for once.

This will help strengthen your interpersonal relationships.


Because most people, you and I, don’t get heard — at all.

People are always talking over us and not hearing us out (our loved ones, friends, and bosses).

So by using active listening, you’ll learn to hear people out — which will make you more empathetic in business, at home and in the streets.

Is this you when presenting?

Do improv!!!

Number 2 — Creativity  

So, I’ve always been a creative guy. Used to play the keyboard and draw a lot when I was younger. And I used to get a lot of creative blocks, getting stuck for weeks on a project.

This happens to you a lot?

Then Improv will help.

You know all those comedy actors/ writers on TV — like Tina Fey and Will Ferrell.

They make tons of funny shows… And get paid a bunch of $$$ …

How do they come up with that?

Well, they put in 10,000 hours of improv practice — thus making them funny “creative geniuses.”

You may not wanna become a famous entertainer, but you may wanna be able to create more ideas or increase your problem solving skills.

After an prolonged exposure to Improv — you’ll sprout ideas like a fountain.

You’ll become adaptable — which is a needed for future business leaders. Or anyone interested in self development.

The way Improv helps you do this is through — Yes and…

This principle is easy to understand.

Basically, when you have an idea, don’t negate it! Instead add to it, build it up. Ask yourself, “What if.” Don’t edit yourself.

This is the basis of idea generation  — I use this to make loglines for stories (I can create 10 ideas in about 5 minutes).

Try spitting out 10 ideas in 5 minutes. It’s harder than it seems. But will increase your problem solving skills tenfold!

The best fiction writers and Ad – men/women do this effortlessly everyday.

Did you know Ferrell was a Ad Man?

Number 3 — Fun

If your life needs a little shaking up, sign up for a class.

You’ll meet a wide range of people.

I’ve met actors, actresses, programmers, small business owners, comedians and many others through this stuff.

I’ve drank and partied with a wide variety of them too. Now, I have strong, personal memories that I’ll never forget.

After you go through 3 hours of performing (a super emotional experience) you’ll feel so close to your scene partners — that’ll feel like you’ve known them forever.

Weird, huh?

That’s the power of improv!

Annual Festival at the UCB!

***** Disclaimer *****

Just more thing… Improv isn’t magic.

It takes months years of consistent practice to get good.

You’re not gonna get socially confident after one class.

Honestly, it didn’t click for me until my second year of doing this stuff…

I highly recommend it though — especially if your social skills are non existent.

I truly love it.

If I didn’t do four years of improv, I wouldn’t have gotten the job I have now,  obtained a bunch of friends or written 3 feature scripts (more on that later)…

Now, find your local theater, sign up for a class & go make somebody laugh!!

Perform your booty off!

— Jamual