How To Handle A High Volume Of Customers (Patience Is A Virtue)

Restaurants jobs (or customer service jobs, general) are tough.


Cause things happen fast.

Anythin’ can happen.

Customers can fall. And hurt themselves. And blame you.

Co workers can fall. And hurt themselves. And – also blame you.

Fights can break out.

Blood. Guts. Wildness.

You name it.

… Again, anythin’ can happen.

So, how do you prepare for the craziness when problems arrive?

After 3 straight years – I’ve found that the best course of action is to —

Be calm at all times. 

Whatever happens. Whatever problems arise – keep your cool.

Be indifferent.

Calm, cool collected.

Don’t get mad, happy, sad or gloomy. Just be rational as possible. And fix the problem. And move on.

You’re in a fast paced environment.

Become the environment.

Go fast. Be calm in the face of craziness.

Doesn’t matter what the situation is.

Boss yellin’ and screamin’?

Be calm.

Customers way too drunk – flailing around?

Be calm.

You can’t stop a problem from happenin’

Problems are gonna happen, yes. But you solve it faster, by throwin’ your emotions to the wayside. And barrelin’ through ’em with brutal calmness. Like Batman in every movie ever.

In customer service (and I guess, business, in general) –

Patience really is a virtue.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.24.23 PM.JPG

Calmness Gives You Power


2 Ways To Be More Persuasive – The Super Self – Love Technique!

I’m not a narcissist. At all.

Wasn’t raised to be.

Honestly, I had low confidence in myself until I found Improv Comedy at 19.

It gave me some good social confidence. Made me a great active listener. And was the beginnin’ of my persuasion trainin’.

Now, even though, I was way more socially confident – I was still pretty self deprecating – talked bad bout myself.

All the time too.

I always, always, always threw myself under the bus for a dumb joke.

It made me feel worse.

I would call myself nasty, useless, and whole bunch of negative crap. All so I can make other people laugh.

To be frank, self deprecation sucks.

And it’s a easy way to have girls not like you too. They hate that.

So, if you always throw yourself under the bus, your makin’ people give you compliments to pump up your own confidence…

… Hey, let me give you a nice lil’ secret – humans are lazy, selfish – they don’t care bout your problems. They care bout their own problems.

Who cares if your mom was in car accident?

They don’t.

Who cares if your girlfriend left you?

They don’t.

Lookin’ for an apartment?

Betta talk to someone else buddy – cause most people don’t care, whatsoever.

So, to me, a better strategy to persuade people – that is to get people to buy from you, date you or hire you – is to showcase super self love.

What’s that?

Well you gotta say nice things to yourself. And bout yourself. Constantly.

And – I mean – constantly.

Daily, monthly, yearly.

This mindset takes work too.

You can use mantras for this.

My mantra is I’m the best! I’m the champion’s chariot!

Mantras help a lot.

Positivity Is Rare – Use It!

Like I say before, I work in a bar for tips every weekend – sellin’ mints and gum and other stuff.

The two best sellin’ tools I have are my positive personality and looks. That’s it.

Even on job interviews, I make sure I look clean. And I don’t throw my self under the bus.

I only talk ’bout my accomplishments, strengths, and good experiences.

Only, only, only.


Cause sellin’ positivity makes you look different, since  everybody is talkin’ bout their negative life crap…

Annoyin’ girlfriend. Or wife.

Annoyin’ bills. Not enough moolah.

Annoyin’ health issues.

And other stuff.

Then, you come in smilin’ and calm. You’re a breath of fresh air in a sea of negativity.

You’re different. This is how you stand out.

Positivity is rare, rare, rare.



If anyone ever tells you that looks don’t matter – they are stupid. Really stupid.

People judge you on your looks (even when they say they’re not – they are)

All great marketers know this, pick up guys know this, and budding persuaders (me!) know this.

Looks matter. 

Looks matter.

Looks matter!

Read Robert Cialdini’s book Influence. He has a good selection on this.

Turn on CNN (crappy, but persuasive) – all the female hosts look super attractive.

Even on commercials, the girls (and guys) look super good.

In superhero movies, everyone’s buff.

That’s cause the human brain is mostly influenced by visual images. Which is why people can sit in front of a screen for hours and hours and hours and hours at a time.

A good lookin’ person can hijack your brain.

Looks are persuasive.

So, what do you do?

Focus on your looks.

Go to the gym.

Eat clean. Drink kombucha. Carrot juice.

Wear clean, fashionable clothes.

Dental care, skin care, hair care – all important to persuade someone.

Take stock in your looks.

You might think this is stupid, but I promise you – it’s not.

Try it out once. And see how people treat you. It’s night an’ day. It really is…

… Persuasion is hard…

… But I’ve been in the service industry for a 10 plus years. And these are the two basic persuasion tools that has helped me make some cash.

I’ve even used this in dating.  And even makin’ friends.

These are two easy and very, very, very, underrated techniques.

Use ’em!

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 3.34.28 AM.JPG

Mirrors Are Awesome!


— Jamual


How Trump Keeps His Promises – Positioning Lessons From The President

Can we all agree that newly elected President Trump has mastered marketin’?

Like really – I’ve never seen anyone get so much free press in my damn life. It’s kinda ridiculous.

The man trends on Twitter – non stop.

All major news channels has been broadcastin’ story after story after story bout him since last winter.

People talk bout him in bars, online forums, grocery stores, book stores  – everywhere where you go now somebody has a opinion on President Trump.

It’s, literally, Trump’s world. A Trump whirlwind. And we’re caught up in it.

Point Blank – he has mastered media.

He plays them – mainstream media – like a funky fiddle. Where their only a tool is to expand his message. Nothin’ else.

He discredited them like crazy – crazy. And uses their stories, true or not, as a promotional tool only.

Hell, they all predicted he’ll lose in a landslide to Clinton – ha!

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.42.15 PM.JPG

Remember Nov. 8th?


Now, I was thinkin’ how the hell does this man do this?

What’s the core of his self promotion strategy?

… So, after analyzing him, I noticed a bunch a techniques, but the core technique I’ve noticed is his amazin’ brand positioning.

Super tough positioning – is what I call it.

Now, you’re probably thinkin’ – what’s that?

Well, let me break it down –

When companies make a product or provide service, they wanna be first in the market place, so they position themselves as the leader of the market place, by …

  1. Taking hard stances/ opinions in the industry.
  2. And being a total experts on topics in that industry.

For example Starbucks and Howard Schultz, positions themselves as a luxury coffee brand. And are big advocators of the environment (and other progressive issues).

They even have their own lingo and such. And, of course, their logo, clothes, packagin, etc – adds to that.

So when you – the consumer – thinks of coffee, you should instantly think of Starbucks (which most people do anyways).

Cause they’re established, knowledgeable, have premium quality  products (high prices – so they must be good, right?) and have a cool atmosphere in their stores.

That’s exactly what Trump does with all his policy ideas.

When you think of immigration, you think of Trump.

When you think “wall,” you think Trump.

When you think “jobs,” you think Trump.

Even negative words attached to his brand. Such as fascist, racist, sexist. Which didn’t cost him the election at all, apparently.

Personally, I think it toughened up his brand – made it stronger.

Ever since he started campaginin’, he’s taken a super strong stances on a only couple polices. 6 to be exact. Only 6.

Now, did you read what I just wrote?

The guy only has six things he wants to do.

That’s on purpose.

He does this cause it makes his policy ideas easy to say. And for us – the audience – easy to remember.

So, when he pitches his ideas on issues in a speech, he hits them all. And then it becomes attached to his brand.

For example, when he “saved” a thousand Carrier jobs from bein’ shipped elsewhere.

Or meeting with biz leaders. And various CEOs. And even Union leaders.

This adds to the position he’s takin’ – as the “Jobs’ President.”

He repeats this over and over and over again.

His position/mission is to create jobs, jobs, and more jobs in the USA. That’s his goal. And that’s what he wants to happen.

I dunno if he’ll do it. And I have no comment on the man’s personality or anything like that.

But as a communications student, Trump’s mastery of media and lean, focused policies is how he’s able to keep his campaign promises. And his future promises.

The sharp positioning – talkin’ bout hard issues that no one wants to talk bout. And the hammerin’ of it in every speech, tweet, and interview is the foundation.

Cause when you take a strong position you can…

  1. Come out on top as a leader on that topic. And have people follow you.
  2. Or pivot on a issue (if you need too).

This concept is pretty darn important. And is something people flounder with.

A lot of people are too shifty on things. Don’t know their core beliefs. Or what drives them. So they don’t know what position to take. And this makes people lose confidence in you.

So if you can position yourself properly – like Trump does – you can gain ravin’ fans.

Or persuade people to buy from you.

Or get a girl to pass her number to you.

Or become President.

Who knows?

Weekly Adress via Youtube!

I’m tellin’ ya – His Marketin’ Game Is On Point!



My Marketin’ Strategy (Empathy – based)

Marketin’ and Advertisin’ are old games. Ever since the dawn of man, we’ve used ways to divert our desired person attention so that we can persuade them.

Cause, to me, that’s what marketin’ is.

You – as a marketer/salesman – follow what people are doin’ and you respond to it by givin’ ’em what they want. To the T.

All your favorites companies do it.




All of ’em. Some do it better than others, but that’s business, right?

I even do it at my job.

For example, my customers always point out that they like a certain type of gum. Or that they would like a mirror in the bathroom (remember I’m a bathroom guy).

So, what do I do?

I respond to their requests.

I buy tons of gum. And a mirror too.

I satisfiy their wants. And they tip me for it.  That to me is what marketin’ is.

Figure out what the person wants. And give it to ’em. Usin’ empathy.

I call it a customer first marketin’ strategy. Cause without the customer – you don’t make no moolah. At all.

This video by Gary V is the basis of all my “marketin’ strategy.”

My head exploded when I saw this.

Knowin’ your customer is the biggest thing that has helped make tips in the restaurant/bar industry. And is somethin’ I’m gonna take into other industries as well.

I know my customers. I remember lil’ details that they tell me.

What job they do?

Do they have a job?

Previous job?

Why did come to bar? Just to get drunk. Or to get girls? Or to chill?

What is it? What’s their goals?

So, I’ve read stuff like this in other direct response marketin’ books like the Dan Kennedy No B.S. series.

But I didn’t understand it till I used my active listenin’ skills to understand other people. Cause that’s how I interact. I focus all my attention on the person – tryin’ to figure ’em out. And try to give to ’em want they want.

The second chapter of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People – says, “The only way I can get you to do anything is by giving you what you want.” 

That is the foundation of my salesmanship.

Hell, our next President has done it extremely well.

He heard the voices of Middle class Americans that lost their factory jobs due to bad trade agreements. And used that passion to win that Presidency. Amongst other factors too.

All he did was listen to main concerns of voters (economics – jobs) and spoke ’bout it.

He gave ’em what they want.

This strategy has helped me up to this point too. It’s powerful…

… So in closin’ – just remember …

… It’s always the customer first!




Nike Can Motivate You With A Few Words And A Black Screen!

I love ads. It’s an industry that I’ve thinkin’ bout for 4 years now. Ever since I found out ’bout copywriting, I’ve keep one ear to the advertising world.

When I ride NYC trains or walks the streets – I always take note of the fun ads all around town.

Like this one…


… Funny, huh?

That’s awesome.

And that’s all over town. NYC is super duper ad town!

So, the latest ad that I really like is a recent one by Nike. Which is a huge company known for their motivational branding. They can get you gettin’ up. And goin’. Like Tony Robbins or someone like that.

Nike zeros in on your emotions perfectly. They’re not sellin’ shoes, shirts, shorts or other commodities. They’re sellin’ you a feelin’.

Raw and real.

After you watch a Nike commercial, you’re pumped up and feel like you can take over the darn world!

You wanna climb mountains, wrestle bears, or shoot some guns!

This is my favorite type of advertisin’ cause it’s so infectious. So rare. So inspirin’.

That’s the feelin’ I get when I watch this ad below.

It makes me wanna go grab life. And seize it by the lungs. And choke it out.

Ummm, thats a lil’ too graphic, right?

Sorry, the ad has got me fired up!

You can watch it below.

Grind – A Look Back At Some Bald Guy’s Year

This year has been wild. A real grind.

More grindin’ than I imagined I would. Really surprisin’.

Cause you see – I’m really ambitious. I work two jobs, run a lil’ blog (this one), go to school, and also read biz, marketin’, sales and finance books on my off days.

And it doesn’t bother me. At all. I just truck on through. Learnin’ and learnin’ and learnin’…

You know, I dunno where I get this work ethic from. No idea. At all.

Didn’t get it from my parents. Or grandparents.

And that’s not dig at them…. But, man, I haven’t seen anyone around me doin’ the wild, varied stuff that I do.

Like really…

I write, lift, drink kombucha religiously, shave my head a lot, into biz and marketin’ and finance.

All the while havin’ a physical disability!

Wild, right?

Who do you know that has those combined talent and skills?

An odd combo, right?

Now, while I’ve had a pretty work a holic type year –

There is some stuff that is left to be desired.

So, let’s see how I did…

What Did I Get Better At This Year?

This blog!!!!

My writin’ skills are gettin’ better!

So, I’ve been writin’ for 4 years straight now. But I’ve never had a homebase type blog.

A personal brand, you know?

Why – you ask?

I was kinda nervous. And I didn’t know if my writin’ was good enough. But apparently it is. Cause I got this shout out from Ed Latimore. He’s a cool guy. A boxer.

Crazy stuff –

So, when I started this blog, it was supposed to me talkin’ ‘bout movies and stuff. But like anythin’ in life – it changed and morphed – into a diary? Self help? Or a Personal brandin’ blog, I guess. 

I dunno what this is.

And I’m totally fine with that. Really I am.

Cause I’m human. And this blog is written by a human. And humans morph. And change, right?

Biz + Marketin’ + Sales!

Boy – oh – Boy!

I’ve read a lot of biz book this year. A lot of Trump, Gary V, Steve Jobs, Grant Cardone – to name a few. And not to be the next Steve Jobs, you know.

Just to be aware of the big moolah guys in America. I wanted to know how the big money guys think.

How do they make moolah?

Why are some people rich and some are poor?

And how can I increase my income – at least a lil’ bit?

I would go to Barnes and Noble and read and read and read.

I even found this book…

One of the best books I’ve read all year.

Basically, it talks ‘bout the importance of studyin’ sales, marketin’, and leadership.

Trust me it’s a good, good, good book. And has a bunch of value.

Also, I’ve been workin’ two customer service jobs all year, so I’ve been using sale techniques from those books too. And they work really well. And I also use those experiences for job interviews that I’ve had.

At the job interviews, I’m always cool, calm, collected. Like Batman. Stoic.  

I like this sales technique/persona cause the responses I get ‘bout my “brand” is that I’m a laid back and chill type of guy.

Good stuff.

You might want a different brand. But I like my Batman persona. A lot.

It’s cool, cool, cool!

What Fell To The Wayside?

Relationships fell to wayside a lil’ bit.

So – hold on –

In marketing, most marketers know that most people worry ‘bout their health, wealth and relationships the most. That plagues us for most of our lives.

We sell stuff, hit the gym (or not), flirt we each other, and spend time with family, mostly.

Some people are good at all three. Some are good two. Some are good at one. Some are good at none. Yikes!

Personally, I think it’s helpful to become an expert in one of those. Become good at it. Then move on to the next thing.

Or you can go super crazy and attack all three at once. Cause your wild person!


I’m not. I mean, I’m good at grindin’ super hard. But when it comes to those three things – it’s one at a time for me, you know?

So I chose wealth and a lil’ health this year.

I say lil’ health cause all I did this year was a bunch of liftin’ and refined my diet by addin’ Kombucha and carrot juice.

Most of my time and energy was focused on gettin’ better at copywritin’, sellin’, and marketin’.

I read and read and read.

Sold stuff on Ebay.

Sold mad gum to customers.

And wrote on this blog. And did a lil twitter.

I’m tryin’ to improve my wealth buildin’ skills. That’s all I’m doin’.

But the relationship portion of my life kinda took a dip. A lil’.

I’ve missed some get togethers.

And haven’t seen my friends as much.

It’s been grind, grind, grind.

And – you know what?

I’m not super sad ‘bout it. Doesn’t bother me.

I dunno why either.

I’m not a bad person. I love my relationships – but it feels good learnin’ new skills. And buildin’ somethin’ cool, you know?

Creatin’ somethin’ outta nothin’ is wonderful.

Buildin’ words is wonderful.

I love it.

It’s fun, fun, fun!

Anyway, here’s to a wonderful, fun filled, new year.

And I hope you grind it out too…

Cause the grind will never stop!

— Jamual

What’s Up With You And Carrot Juice?

Lately I’ve been refinin’ my diet. And it’s been one of the best moves – healthwise – that I’ve ever done.

I never really focused on health at all. I just ate crap.

And you wanna know what happened?

My body turned to crap. Really it did.

Cause I was doin’ powerliftin’ exercises. Movin’ heavy weight. I thought it gave me the right to pour buckets of crap down my throat.

Now, on one hand, I got what I wanted from the workouts – I got stronger. But everything else sucked …

A) I looked like dookie.

 B) No energy ( Could barely go upstairs).

C) Opened myself to more injures – cause of my ego.

D) Face broke out with acne. 

E) A fat nasty stomach. Cause I would drain nasty ass whole milk. A lot.

But I was strong, right?

Being strong is cool, right?

It was but, I compromised everything just to push heavy weight.

Lookin’ back now – what the hell was I doin’?

It wasn’t like I was gonna compete in the a powerliftin’ competition.

For that I would need massive amounts of TRT and HGH and other roids.

Why would I do it?  It was nonsense.

I just wanna be fit, look good for the opposite sex, and not get the Big C – cancer. That’s it.

So, I stopped and I crafted somethin’ simpler, somethin’ basic for the next few years.

Over the years, I switched to  bodybuildin’ type workouts – focusin’ on muscle, anti – aging, and longevity.

Now, my basic workouts are high reps, low sets. Where I’m allowed to maintain lean muscle. And I can go on and do other things throughout my day (like write for 5 hours).

Then I decided to overhaul my food.

And that was a game changer.

I started drinkin’ Kombucha. Which is a perfect drink. Cause now I never get sick.


Then I started fastin’. Which feels like heaven. Highly, highly recommended. (writing my post on that too).

And then – at the end of the year – I found carrot juice.

And I gotta say, carrot juice is bomb. It has amazin’ benefits…

A) Good for eyes.

B) Good for skin.

C) And digestion. And probably can help fight the Big C.

Those benefits are amazin’. But to me the most noticeable benefit of carrot juice is the increased energy.

Now, all these drinks – Kombucha, coffy, and carrot juice – give you an extra energy boost.

But, geez – louise – you should see me clearin’ blocks. I walk fast, fast, fast!

And, honestly, I’m not a Usain Bolt, but carrot juice has me flyin’ down the damn street!

And I know it’s the carrot juice, cause a lotta times I would just have that for breakfast and go. Clearin’ blocks. Insane, insane energy!

Man, I’m super grateful for carrot juice. Cause if I keep drinkin’ I can keep extendin’ my longevity. And get more things done (like writin’ 100 blog posts!)

So, if your thinkin’ bout tryin’ carrot juice – I say yes!!!

Get it! Or Kombucha! Or even, beet juice!

Those drinks can lessen your doctor visits. Probably not get cancer. And you can get more things done! Increasin’ your Time!

Sounds good, right?

So try ’em!

Do You Like Your Beard & Iron Weights?

I like my bald head. My beard. And the iron weights.

It’s new to my identity as person.

My old identity – my old brand – was different.

I used to wear colorful socks, Mickey mouse sleeveless tees. And drink half a gallon of milk a day.

Now, I shave my head, read Hemingway, and drain carrot juice.

Crazy, right?

What a flip, right?

I feel like Trump when he re branded from a stable biz guy to a wild fiery politician.

Or like Oprah when she went to from being just a reporter to spiritual owner of a fast paced TV studio.

These two personal brands always rebrand.


Cause I’ve noticed that humans as moist. Like water. At least the artists, biz guys, and super self help guys are.

Like Bruce Lee said, “Be like Water.”

Or somethin’ like that.

But that’s what a personal brand does. Shift. Change. Adapt.

Pick up and gains skills and experiences. Tryin’ everythin’. Findin’ strengths. Seein’ weaknesses.

Shift. Shift. Shift.

Steve Jobs did it always. He was a general thinker. Stayed adaptable.

That’s probably the best thing I’ve learned workin’ customer service…

… If you always adapt, you’ll be good.

You gotta keep the finger on the pulse, you know?

Never, ever settle. There’s always more to do.

Law 25: Recreate Yourself – Robert Green

I’m a Starboy – My Favorite Album Of 2016!

Starboy!!!! Oh, yeah!!

I gotta say – first off – I am in love with this album…

… Oh, wait – before I start the review – I gotta say also I’m in love with music. Really in love. And I have a diverse range of genres that I listen too…

… Like hip hop. Rap. R & B. Pop. Smooth Jazz. 80s music!. Funk. Rock. Country. Post Hardcore. Drum n’ Bass. And many, many more.

My musical taste, which is super diverse, drives me pretty much. Drives my emotions. And allows me to start off my day on the right foot.

For a while in my life I would get up. And immediately hit the play button on my laptop to blast some loud blaring music. And dance wildly.

Actually I still do that. It’s super duper fun. Don’t tell anyone. Please don’t.

I gotta say though – music is super duper powerful cause of the fact it drives your emotion and feelings.

For example, I dunno how many times I played Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Mother’s Milk – it’s one of my favorite records, period. And there’s been countless times where the music pumped me up. Or helped me with my mood when I was down.

In fact, they’re one of my favorite bands ever. The lead singer – Anthony Kiedis – is my first role model ever. Love him. He’s the man.

Now, Imma be honest with you, I’m the not the most romantic R & B guy in the word. But there’s somethin’ ’bout the Weeknd’s music that is addictin’, infectious, and bursting at the seams with replay value. Guess that’s why he’s gotten so popular over the year.

Cause I remember when few people knew ’bout him. When had that super dark R & B sound, floatin’ around on the internet.

Now, he’s a mega pop star and you know what what? I cool with it. I like to see my favorite artists succeed. I really do. Other people don’t, but I ‘m not like other people it seems.

This dark pop brandin’ of The Weeknd is pretty cool. And I’m excited to tell you ’bout it.

Let’s begin…

What’s The Album Like?

This album is fire!!!!

I’ve been playin’ this damn thing over and over and over and over again.

It’s vintage Weeknd (voice wise, which is super buttery) over some slick, slick beats.

The album starts out with, Starboy, which I already loved. A super pop ish  song with a Daft Punk feature – sounds good. Then seamlessly transitions into Party Monster! Which is the bomb! I probably like this more than Starboy.

It has that heavy, heavy bass. Catchy hook. Superb voice. A++++

Then transitions into another single, False Alarm, which a lot like the title track – popish. Then seamlessly transitions  into, Reminder. Which is double bomb! He has this rapperish flow that I’m in love with.

Then he goes back to the Popish, upbeat sound that started the album.

Notice a pattern here?

Pop song to chill R&B/rap type song. Yeah, that’s a big feature of this album. And makes the album super dramatic. Kinda like a roller coaster. Up and down. Up and down.

That shows the artist carin’ bout their craft. And how it’s gonna be taken in by audiences.

My favorite thing ’bout him that I love is how he puts his Michael Jackson like voice and throws it into electronic beats like I Feel It Coming. It’s very cool. And shows a maturing in his brandin’ and creativity.

Another thing ’bout him is that he has minimal vocal guests. He only had Daft Punk, Future, Lana Del Rey, and Kendrick Lamar. That’s so cool. I like when artists hold their own. But that’s just personal preference.

Overall, this album has been awesome for me.

I really, really, really like record. It’s popish. Super creative. Not as dark as his other records. But still feels like the Weeknd.

If you want R &B with a new popish flair – give this a listen!

Favorite Tracks 


Party Monster


Nothing Without You

Score A+ 

You can listen to it on Spotify. It’s been out. You’ve probably heard, right?

My Favorite Book Of The Year – Gorilla Mindset!

I love books a lot. I read a whole bunch to many to even count, honestly.

I don’t have a set number. I just go to barnes and noble. And read, read, read.


Cause I love it. I can spend hours in the bookstore. Bouncin’ around from the business section to the humor section to the fiction to the military section. It doesn’t matter I read whatever.

Now, the fact that I read a lot of books causes me to whiz by some. And end up forgettin’ what I read. There’s only a couple authors that sick with me.

Like Elmore Leonard, James Patterson, Raymond, James Cain, Quentin Tarantino, Hemingway, Cormac, or the Coen Brothers. But this year – I’ve found a writer that is super unique…

… And his name is Mike Cernovich.

Now, Mike, to me is cool guy. But to others, he’s a wild Trump supporter on Twitter. He’s also a expert on other things other than politics. Like mindset, juicin’, fitness, travelin’, podcasts, marketin’, making documentaries. The man does everything, pretty much.

I started followin’ Mike earlier this year when Trump was catchin’ heat. And he’s has been super Trump supporter forever. Especially after the hot mic thing happened in October. Mike is a ride or die Trump guy til the end – it seems.

Mike even dropped a book called MAGA MINDSET. Which is awesome! Explains Trump’s rise. And why he has so many supporters – especially in the Rust Belt. Somethin’ I didn’t know what was happenin’.

For example, one reason is the bad trade deals that our government signed. Which pretty much killed factory jobs in the Rust Belt. And shipped them off elsewhere.

That book is quick. And breezy. A+++

I actually bought that one first. Liked that then bought his other book – Danger Play. And then, Gorilla Mindset. Which is the best, to me!

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 11.24.11 AM.JPG

Buildin’ Up My Kindle!

What – So Why Is It The Best?

So, imagine, you’re a young kid. Just graduated H.S. Or College. And confused ’bout what you wanna do in life.

You’re lost. Don’t know what to focus on? Money, finances?

Or even in your mid 20s (like me) and you’re just tryin’ stuff out seein’ if anything will stick. And your self esteem needs a tune – up?

Then… you need to…



Cause this book is awesome.

Wanna get your nutrition, right?

There’s something on that.

Your moolah not lookin’ so good?

Check! Mike’s got it covered!

Mindset techniques that actually work?

Yup, they do. They really do.

And honestly, I’m was like you – totally suspicious. He talks bout mantras and affirmations… And you’re thinkin’…

Is this gonna work? 

Is this dumb?

Answer: Nope, not at all. Works like a charm. Works for everyone. You just gotta do what Mike tells you.

So, how do I use it?

I use mindset exercises at work mostly. I work with drunk people all night, so I need my mindset strong to make it through the night. The exercises really came in handy.  I use it in real time. Real time. Which makes the exercises super actionable.

I just use my simple mantra of – I’m the best!

And then I go to work.

Hell, I even used the techniques on my mom. She had a negative setback recently. And I used reframing techniques to try my best to cheer her up. It actually helped too. And I only read the book twice when that happened. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Overall, Gorilla Mindset greatly, greatly exceeded my expectations. With it I’ve already become healthier. And my mindset skill is bein’ honed. And with a good mindset you can get what you want outta life. Whatever it is that you want.

Hell, look at the the guy that just got elected President. His mindset is strong, strong, strong.

Anyway, so grateful for this book. It has huge chunks of value. Oozes it, actually. It’s amazin’.

You can get it  here.

Bought this right after buyin’ the book. The most actionable self – help book ever, period.