Grind – A Look Back At Some Bald Guy’s Year

This year has been wild. A real grind.

More grindin’ than I imagined I would. Really surprisin’.

Cause you see – I’m really ambitious. I work two jobs, run a lil’ blog (this one), go to school, and also read biz, marketin’, sales and finance books on my off days.

And it doesn’t bother me. At all. I just truck on through. Learnin’ and learnin’ and learnin’…

You know, I dunno where I get this work ethic from. No idea. At all.

Didn’t get it from my parents. Or grandparents.

And that’s not dig at them…. But, man, I haven’t seen anyone around me doin’ the wild, varied stuff that I do.

Like really…

I write, lift, drink kombucha religiously, shave my head a lot, into biz and marketin’ and finance.

All the while havin’ a physical disability!

Wild, right?

Who do you know that has those combined talent and skills?

An odd combo, right?

Now, while I’ve had a pretty work a holic type year –

There is some stuff that is left to be desired.

So, let’s see how I did…

What Did I Get Better At This Year?

This blog!!!!

My writin’ skills are gettin’ better!

So, I’ve been writin’ for 4 years straight now. But I’ve never had a homebase type blog.

A personal brand, you know?

Why – you ask?

I was kinda nervous. And I didn’t know if my writin’ was good enough. But apparently it is. Cause I got this shout out from Ed Latimore. He’s a cool guy. A boxer.

Crazy stuff –

So, when I started this blog, it was supposed to me talkin’ ‘bout movies and stuff. But like anythin’ in life – it changed and morphed – into a diary? Self help? Or a Personal brandin’ blog, I guess. 

I dunno what this is.

And I’m totally fine with that. Really I am.

Cause I’m human. And this blog is written by a human. And humans morph. And change, right?

Biz + Marketin’ + Sales!

Boy – oh – Boy!

I’ve read a lot of biz book this year. A lot of Trump, Gary V, Steve Jobs, Grant Cardone – to name a few. And not to be the next Steve Jobs, you know.

Just to be aware of the big moolah guys in America. I wanted to know how the big money guys think.

How do they make moolah?

Why are some people rich and some are poor?

And how can I increase my income – at least a lil’ bit?

I would go to Barnes and Noble and read and read and read.

I even found this book…

One of the best books I’ve read all year.

Basically, it talks ‘bout the importance of studyin’ sales, marketin’, and leadership.

Trust me it’s a good, good, good book. And has a bunch of value.

Also, I’ve been workin’ two customer service jobs all year, so I’ve been using sale techniques from those books too. And they work really well. And I also use those experiences for job interviews that I’ve had.

At the job interviews, I’m always cool, calm, collected. Like Batman. Stoic.  

I like this sales technique/persona cause the responses I get ‘bout my “brand” is that I’m a laid back and chill type of guy.

Good stuff.

You might want a different brand. But I like my Batman persona. A lot.

It’s cool, cool, cool!

What Fell To The Wayside?

Relationships fell to wayside a lil’ bit.

So – hold on –

In marketing, most marketers know that most people worry ‘bout their health, wealth and relationships the most. That plagues us for most of our lives.

We sell stuff, hit the gym (or not), flirt we each other, and spend time with family, mostly.

Some people are good at all three. Some are good two. Some are good at one. Some are good at none. Yikes!

Personally, I think it’s helpful to become an expert in one of those. Become good at it. Then move on to the next thing.

Or you can go super crazy and attack all three at once. Cause your wild person!


I’m not. I mean, I’m good at grindin’ super hard. But when it comes to those three things – it’s one at a time for me, you know?

So I chose wealth and a lil’ health this year.

I say lil’ health cause all I did this year was a bunch of liftin’ and refined my diet by addin’ Kombucha and carrot juice.

Most of my time and energy was focused on gettin’ better at copywritin’, sellin’, and marketin’.

I read and read and read.

Sold stuff on Ebay.

Sold mad gum to customers.

And wrote on this blog. And did a lil twitter.

I’m tryin’ to improve my wealth buildin’ skills. That’s all I’m doin’.

But the relationship portion of my life kinda took a dip. A lil’.

I’ve missed some get togethers.

And haven’t seen my friends as much.

It’s been grind, grind, grind.

And – you know what?

I’m not super sad ‘bout it. Doesn’t bother me.

I dunno why either.

I’m not a bad person. I love my relationships – but it feels good learnin’ new skills. And buildin’ somethin’ cool, you know?

Creatin’ somethin’ outta nothin’ is wonderful.

Buildin’ words is wonderful.

I love it.

It’s fun, fun, fun!

Anyway, here’s to a wonderful, fun filled, new year.

And I hope you grind it out too…

Cause the grind will never stop!

— Jamual

Lookin’ Back On The Paleo Diet (The Best Weight Loss Plan Ever)

When I was 18 – I tried a rad new diet called the Paleo Diet.

Well, it doesn’t seem new anymore – it seems to hit the mainstream a lil’ bit. And I’m happy bout that. Cause it’s the only “diet” I’ve ever done.

Honestly, I hate diets. They’re not fun – at all.

Stoppin’ yourself from eatin’ certain stuff can be terrible for some people.

Especially your everyday consumer who sometimes get food headaches after not eatin’ for a couple hours.

But diets – the good ones – can sometimes be a necessary evil.

So, I tried it for a month or two to get some “dietin’ experience” so to speak.

Here’s how it went …

Eggs, Eggs, And More Eggs!

If you don’t know what the paleo diet is – it’s pretty simple. You basically…

A) Eat protein (eggs, meat, nuts) They’re king of the diet.

B) Limits carbs (No flour, bread, rice. Yams and sweet potatoes – okay)

C) No sweets – at all.

D) Lots of fat (Olive oil and such)

E) No diary (milk – no. Coconut milk and Almond milk – okay)

F) Veggies are queen.

Basically, people who do the paleo diet believe humans should ditch the carbs, sweets, and most diary in order to simulate the eatin’ habits of our ancestors who hunted for their food.

They preach liftin’ super heavy weight and bein’ one with nature.

Kinda like really strong hippies.

Like I said before – I did it for 2 months. And got interestin’ results.

Basically, my food schedule was …

A) Mornin’ – eggs bathed in olive oil and sweet potatoes and maybe a protein shake.

B) Lunch – the same as mornin’.

C) Dinner – chicken and broccoli…

… That’s it. Nothin’ fancy.

Actually, it’s closer to my diet habits nowadays – minimalist and scarce. Which makes this diet really easy from the start – you throw all those fattenin’ carbs and sweets like doughnuts.

I saved a good chunk off money on the diet cause when I went to the store to buy food – I only bought eggs – a whole lot of ’em – and olive oil and sweet potatoes and chicken. Or beef.  So simple. And I love simple.

The second huge factor of this diet is the weight loss.

I shrank.

Lost 10 pounds in two weeks, no joke.

Now, granted, I was already a skinny kid, but the speed in which I did it was amazin’ – couldn’t believe it. I finally had clear, defined abs. No fat whatsoever.

That’s the major thing I endorse ’bout the Paleo diet.

If you follow it, you’ll lose weight – guaranteed. No don’t bout it.  You will shrink. And super fast too.

With the lack in carbs, your body won’t store extra energy and burn fat like crazy – crazy. Causin’ you to lose weight.

Now, the paleo diet has some drawbacks.

The lack of carbs can be dangerous for some like people with diabetes One – where they need more carbs (energy) in their diet to survive. They won’t benefit from this diet.

Even for “regular people” like me, I remember feelin’ kinda tired cause my body wanted some energy from a carb or somethin’. So, to fix that – I would eat sweet potatoe fries with ketchup to recharge – so good.

The other drawback is that it’s kinda borin’.

I ate so many freakin’ eggs on the freakin’ diet that to this day – I shudder at makin’ them now.

But, overall, I think it’s a very good diet. That gives you fast results.

If I ever get personal trainin’ clients that wanna lose weight, I would have ’em follow this. Cause it’s easy, inexpensive, and really simple. And you know I’m the king of simple, right?

Reminds me of my Paleo days – good times, real good times

— Jamual

What’s Up With You And Carrot Juice?

Lately I’ve been refinin’ my diet. And it’s been one of the best moves – healthwise – that I’ve ever done.

I never really focused on health at all. I just ate crap.

And you wanna know what happened?

My body turned to crap. Really it did.

Cause I was doin’ powerliftin’ exercises. Movin’ heavy weight. I thought it gave me the right to pour buckets of crap down my throat.

Now, on one hand, I got what I wanted from the workouts – I got stronger. But everything else sucked …

A) I looked like dookie.

 B) No energy ( Could barely go upstairs).

C) Opened myself to more injures – cause of my ego.

D) Face broke out with acne. 

E) A fat nasty stomach. Cause I would drain nasty ass whole milk. A lot.

But I was strong, right?

Being strong is cool, right?

It was but, I compromised everything just to push heavy weight.

Lookin’ back now – what the hell was I doin’?

It wasn’t like I was gonna compete in the a powerliftin’ competition.

For that I would need massive amounts of TRT and HGH and other roids.

Why would I do it?  It was nonsense.

I just wanna be fit, look good for the opposite sex, and not get the Big C – cancer. That’s it.

So, I stopped and I crafted somethin’ simpler, somethin’ basic for the next few years.

Over the years, I switched to  bodybuildin’ type workouts – focusin’ on muscle, anti – aging, and longevity.

Now, my basic workouts are high reps, low sets. Where I’m allowed to maintain lean muscle. And I can go on and do other things throughout my day (like write for 5 hours).

Then I decided to overhaul my food.

And that was a game changer.

I started drinkin’ Kombucha. Which is a perfect drink. Cause now I never get sick.


Then I started fastin’. Which feels like heaven. Highly, highly recommended. (writing my post on that too).

And then – at the end of the year – I found carrot juice.

And I gotta say, carrot juice is bomb. It has amazin’ benefits…

A) Good for eyes.

B) Good for skin.

C) And digestion. And probably can help fight the Big C.

Those benefits are amazin’. But to me the most noticeable benefit of carrot juice is the increased energy.

Now, all these drinks – Kombucha, coffy, and carrot juice – give you an extra energy boost.

But, geez – louise – you should see me clearin’ blocks. I walk fast, fast, fast!

And, honestly, I’m not a Usain Bolt, but carrot juice has me flyin’ down the damn street!

And I know it’s the carrot juice, cause a lotta times I would just have that for breakfast and go. Clearin’ blocks. Insane, insane energy!

Man, I’m super grateful for carrot juice. Cause if I keep drinkin’ I can keep extendin’ my longevity. And get more things done (like writin’ 100 blog posts!)

So, if your thinkin’ bout tryin’ carrot juice – I say yes!!!

Get it! Or Kombucha! Or even, beet juice!

Those drinks can lessen your doctor visits. Probably not get cancer. And you can get more things done! Increasin’ your Time!

Sounds good, right?

So try ’em!

K. I. B – The Easiest Workouts You’ll Ever Do

I was looking at a couple workout magazines lately. And I gotta say – the workouts are pretty darn confusing.

With the crazy reps, sets, and fly over hang over superman exercise sets.

It’s nutty. And I’m a not athlete. So I don’t do that.

Again – I’m not a athlete, at all.

But what I do is somethin’ called K. I. B. which breaks down to keep it basic. Super basic.

Basically my workouts right now are …

Dumbbell Press – high reps, low sets

Dumbbell Squat – high rep, low sets

Dumbbell Deadlift – high rep, low sets

Dumbbell curls – high rep, low sets

Sit ups – A whole lotta reps

Push ups – A whole lotta reps

That’s it.

That’s my workout. And I maintain muscle – lean an’ mean.

Actually that’s my at home workout. Takes like a hour to do. And it’s super simple – not confusin’.

This fitness stuff ain’t hard. At all.

Just K. I. B. – Keep it basic.  Set some goals. And take some action.

Easy enough, right?

Course it is.



Do You Like Your Beard & Iron Weights?

I like my bald head. My beard. And the iron weights.

It’s new to my identity as person.

My old identity – my old brand – was different.

I used to wear colorful socks, Mickey mouse sleeveless tees. And drink half a gallon of milk a day.

Now, I shave my head, read Hemingway, and drain carrot juice.

Crazy, right?

What a flip, right?

I feel like Trump when he re branded from a stable biz guy to a wild fiery politician.

Or like Oprah when she went to from being just a reporter to spiritual owner of a fast paced TV studio.

These two personal brands always rebrand.


Cause I’ve noticed that humans as moist. Like water. At least the artists, biz guys, and super self help guys are.

Like Bruce Lee said, “Be like Water.”

Or somethin’ like that.

But that’s what a personal brand does. Shift. Change. Adapt.

Pick up and gains skills and experiences. Tryin’ everythin’. Findin’ strengths. Seein’ weaknesses.

Shift. Shift. Shift.

Steve Jobs did it always. He was a general thinker. Stayed adaptable.

That’s probably the best thing I’ve learned workin’ customer service…

… If you always adapt, you’ll be good.

You gotta keep the finger on the pulse, you know?

Never, ever settle. There’s always more to do.

Law 25: Recreate Yourself – Robert Green

I’m a Starboy – My Favorite Album Of 2016!

Starboy!!!! Oh, yeah!!

I gotta say – first off – I am in love with this album…

… Oh, wait – before I start the review – I gotta say also I’m in love with music. Really in love. And I have a diverse range of genres that I listen too…

… Like hip hop. Rap. R & B. Pop. Smooth Jazz. 80s music!. Funk. Rock. Country. Post Hardcore. Drum n’ Bass. And many, many more.

My musical taste, which is super diverse, drives me pretty much. Drives my emotions. And allows me to start off my day on the right foot.

For a while in my life I would get up. And immediately hit the play button on my laptop to blast some loud blaring music. And dance wildly.

Actually I still do that. It’s super duper fun. Don’t tell anyone. Please don’t.

I gotta say though – music is super duper powerful cause of the fact it drives your emotion and feelings.

For example, I dunno how many times I played Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Mother’s Milk – it’s one of my favorite records, period. And there’s been countless times where the music pumped me up. Or helped me with my mood when I was down.

In fact, they’re one of my favorite bands ever. The lead singer – Anthony Kiedis – is my first role model ever. Love him. He’s the man.

Now, Imma be honest with you, I’m the not the most romantic R & B guy in the word. But there’s somethin’ ’bout the Weeknd’s music that is addictin’, infectious, and bursting at the seams with replay value. Guess that’s why he’s gotten so popular over the year.

Cause I remember when few people knew ’bout him. When had that super dark R & B sound, floatin’ around on the internet.

Now, he’s a mega pop star and you know what what? I cool with it. I like to see my favorite artists succeed. I really do. Other people don’t, but I ‘m not like other people it seems.

This dark pop brandin’ of The Weeknd is pretty cool. And I’m excited to tell you ’bout it.

Let’s begin…

What’s The Album Like?

This album is fire!!!!

I’ve been playin’ this damn thing over and over and over and over again.

It’s vintage Weeknd (voice wise, which is super buttery) over some slick, slick beats.

The album starts out with, Starboy, which I already loved. A super pop ish  song with a Daft Punk feature – sounds good. Then seamlessly transitions into Party Monster! Which is the bomb! I probably like this more than Starboy.

It has that heavy, heavy bass. Catchy hook. Superb voice. A++++

Then transitions into another single, False Alarm, which a lot like the title track – popish. Then seamlessly transitions  into, Reminder. Which is double bomb! He has this rapperish flow that I’m in love with.

Then he goes back to the Popish, upbeat sound that started the album.

Notice a pattern here?

Pop song to chill R&B/rap type song. Yeah, that’s a big feature of this album. And makes the album super dramatic. Kinda like a roller coaster. Up and down. Up and down.

That shows the artist carin’ bout their craft. And how it’s gonna be taken in by audiences.

My favorite thing ’bout him that I love is how he puts his Michael Jackson like voice and throws it into electronic beats like I Feel It Coming. It’s very cool. And shows a maturing in his brandin’ and creativity.

Another thing ’bout him is that he has minimal vocal guests. He only had Daft Punk, Future, Lana Del Rey, and Kendrick Lamar. That’s so cool. I like when artists hold their own. But that’s just personal preference.

Overall, this album has been awesome for me.

I really, really, really like record. It’s popish. Super creative. Not as dark as his other records. But still feels like the Weeknd.

If you want R &B with a new popish flair – give this a listen!

Favorite Tracks 


Party Monster


Nothing Without You

Score A+ 

You can listen to it on Spotify. It’s been out. You’ve probably heard, right?

My Favorite Book Of The Year – Gorilla Mindset!

I love books a lot. I read a whole bunch to many to even count, honestly.

I don’t have a set number. I just go to barnes and noble. And read, read, read.


Cause I love it. I can spend hours in the bookstore. Bouncin’ around from the business section to the humor section to the fiction to the military section. It doesn’t matter I read whatever.

Now, the fact that I read a lot of books causes me to whiz by some. And end up forgettin’ what I read. There’s only a couple authors that sick with me.

Like Elmore Leonard, James Patterson, Raymond, James Cain, Quentin Tarantino, Hemingway, Cormac, or the Coen Brothers. But this year – I’ve found a writer that is super unique…

… And his name is Mike Cernovich.

Now, Mike, to me is cool guy. But to others, he’s a wild Trump supporter on Twitter. He’s also a expert on other things other than politics. Like mindset, juicin’, fitness, travelin’, podcasts, marketin’, making documentaries. The man does everything, pretty much.

I started followin’ Mike earlier this year when Trump was catchin’ heat. And he’s has been super Trump supporter forever. Especially after the hot mic thing happened in October. Mike is a ride or die Trump guy til the end – it seems.

Mike even dropped a book called MAGA MINDSET. Which is awesome! Explains Trump’s rise. And why he has so many supporters – especially in the Rust Belt. Somethin’ I didn’t know what was happenin’.

For example, one reason is the bad trade deals that our government signed. Which pretty much killed factory jobs in the Rust Belt. And shipped them off elsewhere.

That book is quick. And breezy. A+++

I actually bought that one first. Liked that then bought his other book – Danger Play. And then, Gorilla Mindset. Which is the best, to me!

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 11.24.11 AM.JPG

Buildin’ Up My Kindle!

What – So Why Is It The Best?

So, imagine, you’re a young kid. Just graduated H.S. Or College. And confused ’bout what you wanna do in life.

You’re lost. Don’t know what to focus on? Money, finances?

Or even in your mid 20s (like me) and you’re just tryin’ stuff out seein’ if anything will stick. And your self esteem needs a tune – up?

Then… you need to…



Cause this book is awesome.

Wanna get your nutrition, right?

There’s something on that.

Your moolah not lookin’ so good?

Check! Mike’s got it covered!

Mindset techniques that actually work?

Yup, they do. They really do.

And honestly, I’m was like you – totally suspicious. He talks bout mantras and affirmations… And you’re thinkin’…

Is this gonna work? 

Is this dumb?

Answer: Nope, not at all. Works like a charm. Works for everyone. You just gotta do what Mike tells you.

So, how do I use it?

I use mindset exercises at work mostly. I work with drunk people all night, so I need my mindset strong to make it through the night. The exercises really came in handy.  I use it in real time. Real time. Which makes the exercises super actionable.

I just use my simple mantra of – I’m the best!

And then I go to work.

Hell, I even used the techniques on my mom. She had a negative setback recently. And I used reframing techniques to try my best to cheer her up. It actually helped too. And I only read the book twice when that happened. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Overall, Gorilla Mindset greatly, greatly exceeded my expectations. With it I’ve already become healthier. And my mindset skill is bein’ honed. And with a good mindset you can get what you want outta life. Whatever it is that you want.

Hell, look at the the guy that just got elected President. His mindset is strong, strong, strong.

Anyway, so grateful for this book. It has huge chunks of value. Oozes it, actually. It’s amazin’.

You can get it  here.

Bought this right after buyin’ the book. The most actionable self – help book ever, period.

Two BIG Lessons in Leadership From General George Patton – Ole Blood And Guts

I love leadership. I love studying it.

Watching inspiring videos on Youtube. And I love seeing how it can apply to my life. In some way shape or form.

I usually take what I learn and run with it for a couple days, months, or even years. Using a quote, or tactic as a good way to deal with something in my life. Such as the quote, “Don’t Think.”

This is a quote from my improv days. Which helps you stop thinkin’. Stop bein’ perfect. And helps you make split second decisions when a crisis happens. Excellent for problem solving.

I, especially, need this skill when workin’ at the bars I work at. Cause everything moves uber – uber fast. And problems arise quickly. And I gotta fix ’em just as quickly.

I’m really grateful for this skill cause before improv, I would over think every little thing I would do. From liftin’ weights, making food, or setting up plans to meet a friend.

Nowadays, I’m different – I overthink a lot less. Do stuff without hesitating. And this makes me overall more happy. And takes away a great deal of stress.

So, the latest legendary leader that I’ve been studying is George Patton. I’ve read two quick books on him, seen a documentary, and watched, Patton, the movie. Which you should see. It’s an amazin’ performance by George C Scott. Which gets you into his leadership style.

Here’s what I learned –

Number One – Be Bold

Patton was a tough, tough, tough guy. Probably as tough as they come. When he first appears in the movie to meet a new round of soldiers – they were shakin’ in their boots.


He’s blunt, crass, cusses and treats every person like a soldier (even if their not one). In one scene in Patton, the super blunt general told a guy (who’s not a solider) that he will fight when the time is right. The poor guy look super scared! And he should be cause in Patton’s world, everybody fights!

That’s the big thing I like ’bout Patton – he’s not afraid to be bold. Make statements. Take charge and go.

Really reminds me of Trump vs media this year. Actually, in the 2nd debate, Trump cited Patton as a reference. I geeked out when I heard him mention Patton. Kinda explains why he’s so wild, right?

There’s also another cool scene – where enemies are attacking from the sky. And Patton was with his troops inside. And instead of staying inside, Patton takes out his pistol, climbs to the roof, jumps on top of a truck and blasts back!

Crazy, right?

Super bold, huh?

What a leader.

To me, that’s a real leader. Has no fear.

Just super bold, bold, bold.

Number Two – Attack, Attack, Attack!

Patton was a offensive player.

He was famous for the blitzkrieg – a style of military strategy. Where you focus all your attacks on one area. Which lessens the amount lives lost. And puts your enemy on the defense.

Patton was a master of this. And was called upon to help defeat the Germans with his techniques. And experience.

So, now, I’m not fightin’ Germans. But I do use this method in my daily life.

How – you ask?

Well, I just do what Patton does – I stay on the offense.

Meaning with my writing – I write daily. Everyday. Why? Cause this is my # 1 passion. And it’s all I think ’bout. All I wanna get better at. It’s an obsession.

Hell, even if I don’t post on my blog, I still have a journal I write on daily. Or I type wonderful Tweets on Twitter. I still write daily. It’s my first attack. I’m still on the offensive.

My second attack is my health. I usually grab a kombucha, carrot juice, or coffy to start my day. Since that’s very important to me – I keep on top of it. These two things are my American Blitzkrieg. These two these things have helped me attack life as much as humanly possible.

Cause if you don’t attack, attack, attack – you’ll get super stale, rusty. And you don’t wanna get rusty, do ya?

So, overall, I really love Patton. He, like Trump, turned himself into a blunt, fearless character. And super good general of war. With a butt ton of courage.

That anyone can learn from. Even if they aren’t fightin’ Germans! He was THE best!

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer – Ole Blood & Guts (Aka Patton)
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 8.12.54 AM.jpeg

The openin’ scene of Patton!

Watch It! Good Movie!

4 Marketing Lessons From The Trump Campaign


This is not a post on his policies. Or how I feel ’bout the man. Just a look at the marketin’ techniques he used over the last year…

… So, Trump won the election… Holy smokes! What an exciting time!

The campaign was a wild time. Mixed with a whole lotta emotion.

As a marketin’ and business student, I was really excited to witness the campaign that came outta Trump’s team. It really was a thing of beauty. And I think he’s a better marketer than Steve Jobs.


Cause the man was everywhere – online, TV, magazines.

He engulfed everyone. Created a reality distortion field. Where you couldn’t go anywhere without hearin’ his name. Even when you said his name, people would shudder and shake. Or get super pumped. That’s powerful marketin’.

So, I just wanted to take a look at the marketin’ techniques used over and over by him. That maybe you haven’t noticed. And also why he’s using them. Cause there’s a method to the Trump madness.

 LESSON ONE –  Simple Language Is Best

When I first looked up Trump, it wasn’t for anything politics related. It was for a character I created in one of my screenwriting stories for class. The character was obsessed with money and business. And for my research, I would walk over to Barnes Noble to read books on business.

Eventually, I stopped at Trump. Read some books. And used Youtube as a resource.

The first ever interview I watched with Trump really opened my eyes. When I heard him talk, he was usin’ simple language. Like in a Cormac Mccarthy novel. It was amazin’! I flipped out. I’ve never heard of anyone do this in real time. It was so darn blatant too.

Who do you know that talks like Trump? That’s right – no one.

After I found more interviews, I’ve noticed he keep doin’ the same darn thing. And you wanna know what this is? Persuasion. Blatant persuasion.

Advertisers and marketers know that simple language is more powerful than complex words.

Think ’bout music – pop music, for example. The songs use simple words, and catchy hooks to get the people in a trance – liking and remembering the song.

That’s all Trump.

He wants to get his words stuck in your head. And he does it well.

Hell, my grandma isn’t a Trump supporter. And can remember the words he says. Word for word too.

He’s like a walkin’, talkin’ copywritin’ ad, man.

Super powerful technique, crazy powerful.


One Of My Favorite Books!

LESSON TWO – Repetition Is Key

Trump repeats his words – a lot.

This, too, is a technique taken from advertising that no one seems to understand.

Why is he repeating himself?

He’s stupid!

No, he’s not stupid – he’s persuasive. He’s wants you to remember his ideas, by repeating it over and over again.

How did this start?

As soon as human started sellin’ people products and service in newspapers. This was the technique they used. And Trump does this live. In person.

Remember he’s a character. And we’re the audience.

LESSON THREE – Social Media Is The Way

Earlier in the Fall, Trump trended on Twitter for 48 hours! 48 darn hours! Pretty much whole weekend in October – crazy, right?

And he’s been trending a lot lately too. Over and over again. It’s actually kinda tiring.

What’s going on here?

Well, his marketing campaign was focused totally online. Filled with hashtags, fiery tweets, and doing rallies and posting them on Facebook Live.

Clinton? Spent loads and loads of cash on TV ads. But it didn’t help her.


TV is not a popular media anymore. Social media is. And she didn’t know her to use social media. But he did.

See the above tweet?

This tweet has gone viral. Like his others.


Not cause they make sense, but they force the news media to cover it. And fact – check him. It creates news. Trump creates news by using Twitter.

And what does this do? Bring him more attention.

And remember marketin’ is  attention, right?

So, this is how he won the election. Attention, attention, attention. All attention pointed at who?

Him. No one else.

This attention helped millions wanna get involved in his campaign. Then go to his rallies. And then to the voting booths. Leading to a Trump win.


The night before election night. The man did 6 rallies in a row. Hitting a good amount of  much needed swing states. He ended the day at 1 A.M. Geez. That’s crazy…

…This strategy is a interestin’ one.

Basically, the Trump team played offense. Like General Patton in WW 2.

And all he did was attack, attack, attack! 

This was his ground game.

And he did this when everybody said he was gonna lose. Using a bunch of energy – keeping his base always energized. Till the major the upset of 2016 happened – winning the election!  When people said he’s gonna lose! Damn.

Now, there’s whole lotta other stuff to study from Trump’s marketin’. But then, this post will be super long. To me, these are the key ones.

Hopefully you can take away your political bias. And agree with me – that Trump is the a master marketer and salesman. And you can use this to help yourself out. Like grow your business. Or make more sales. Or a job. Or whatever you want.

Cause if Trump became President – Elect off Twitter, then he must be doin’ something, right, right?


Still doin’ Rallies. Crazy.

P.S. I’m on Twitter. Talkin’ marketin’ stuff. It’s fun. Join me!

— Jamual

The Healthiest Drink You’ll Ever Drink (This Will Change Your Life)

I found a new drink. A really tasty one.

Well, it isn’t new — per se. It’s old. With a nice long history.

I’m not gonna bore you with the history.

But, I’m just gonna say this drink — Kombucha — is the greatest ever!

Yes, I’m talking ’bout the drink that 5 foot tall Hollywood blondes drain before their auditions… This stuff is an elixir of the Gods.

So, the reason why I’ve started drinking this stuff is because of my mom.

She brought a bottle in randomly earlier this year. And it changed my whole life. No lie.

When I first saw it I thought, “This is gonna taste, crazy – crazy bad.

I was nervous. Really nervous. I always thought green/ healthy drinks got a bad rap cause of taste, so people just shun them for something more tasty. Like for Mcdonalds or something like that. And I don’t blame ’em. Big mac and fries taste and sound 100x better than a Multi Green Kombucha.

However, I have to say the mainstream Kombucha in mainstream stores like Duane Reade and Rite Aid are actually tasty! And super good for you.

Like really, the health benefits of Kombucha are freaking great!

Here are the top benefits that I’ve found that could be of use for you —

The First Benefit…

… Is increased energy.

Cause if I drink one bottle of this stuff — I literally can fly through my 8- 4AM shift at work. And have extra energy later on.

Did you hear me? One bottle. That’s only three bucks and some change.

A large coffee from Starbucks cost more than 5 bucks, right?

Not knockin’ Starbucks. Or coffee. Love ’em both. But sometimes it only keeps me goin’ til 1 AM. Then I would crash. Horrible feeling. No bueno.

Kombucha keeps you chargin’ on.

The Second Benefit …

… Is digestion.

This stuff will flush you out after drinkin’ a good amount. I can confirm this cause of my frequent bathroom breaks during the day.

Healthy colon + Healthy insides = Longer life span and less frequent doctor visits.

Good stuff.

The Third Benefit …

… Is that I haven’t gotten sick at all this year. At all.

Now, I usually only get sick once a year. Which is okay, right?

But in the winter time, I always seem to get sick. Or even around April. And I end up feelin’ like poo. I really hate that feelin’.

So, for two years, I’ve been looking for ways to combat it. And I’ve tried drinkin’ water all day long. Exercising even more than I usually do. And eatin’ healthier meals — sandwiches and such…

… But I would still get sick. All stopped, though, when I started drinkin’ Kombucha!

Since drinking this stuff weekly for 11 + months, I’ve gotten through the winter and spring months with no flu like symptoms. At all.

I’ve seen a bunch of people get sick. And I’ve haven’t even got a sniffle. ‘Cept for allergies. But that’s bout it. I’m good. And it’s all thanks to my new love, kombucha.

Thank You Jesus!

So, if you’re looking for a healthy drink that doesn’t taste like poo, you should definitely get some of this stuff.

Seriously, it’s the best ever!

Love, love, love it!