Dead Eyes – The Female Protagonist in 2018

Starting off – these are just observations of a stock market obsessed film major. 

Okay so, today is my birthday, and the last couple of years I would watch a film for my birthday – to celebrate.

Two years ago, I watched Ant man, and last year I re watched the John Wick Series (you should watch it – it’s super good – filled with action)

So this year, I’m watching Atomic Blonde. (click this)!

Now if you don’t know what that is… it’s basically Charlize Theron as a bad ass kicking dudes butt set to 80s music. From the creator of John Wick.

Anyway, it’s one of my favorite movies ever cause it blends fighting + guns + 80 music. And what I call ‘dead acting’.

Dead acting is when the tone is very somber, dry, no jokes – just straight serious.

Love it. John Wick does this too.

Theron is awesome, she gets beat up, bloodied, and is super tough.

And that’s something I’m noticing with female actresses lately (especially the white girls).

Their playing these tough, traditionally masculine roles. Which is wild cause if you watch Maleficent, Frozen, Three Billboards or even Red Sparrow – the main characters are white girls who are super tough. And have dead eyes. (Wonder Woman too, except she’s not dead – she’s full of life).

Especially Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow. She’s tough, cunning, sexy. Femme falate on steroids. I really, really like that movie too.

Now, I’m watching all these movies, and I see this over and over again for years – and I’m thinking – how did this happen?

When did female protagonists get so dead?

Is it cause of feminism?

Or cause more women have more power in the boardroom and more degrees and more influence on what we watch?

Cause in the 1970s James Bond was smacking girls — knocking them out. Brando was doing that in the ’50s too. And probably somwhe in the 80s.

But now, if you did that today – people would riot in the streets.

I dunno the answers – but it’s really interesting seeing these beautiful women smacking dudes, bloody,  and being stoic like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in their hey day.

What a 180, man.

Girls got more macho, and dudes became jokers.

Super interesting, right?


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