End Of A Era

Earlier today, I walked past a Babies R US in the heart of Union Square.
It was cleared out. It’s retail space, now. White walls. And trash. Damn.
I remember Toys R Us as a kid. I had a bunch of toys. Hundreds. I loved ’em.
I used beg to my family members for them, weekly. I used to stuff them in a big, looney tunes travel bag, and take ’em everywhere.
KB toys and Toys R Us were my favorite places.
And now they’re both gone. A relic of the Industrial age of the old economy. Where 8 hour works days seemed smart. Where employers wanted to hire everybody and their mom.  And a 401K was all you needed.
Now it’s different.
We’re in a new Age now. Postindustrial. Tech, tech, tech. Speed, speed, speed.
Where the only currency is your ideas.
James Altucher & Seth Godin were right.
Ideas are the only thing that’ll last in this new economy.
This is what Amazon knows.
This is where we’re goin’.
It’s truly an end of a era.

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