Do You Like Your Beard & Iron Weights?

I like my bald head. My beard. And the iron weights.

It’s new to my identity as person.

My old identity – my old brand – was different.

I used to wear colorful socks, Mickey mouse sleeveless tees. And drink half a gallon of milk a day.

Now, I shave my head, read Hemingway, and drain carrot juice.

Crazy, right?

What a flip, right?

I feel like Trump when he re branded from a stable biz guy to a wild fiery politician.

Or like Oprah when she went to from being just a reporter to spiritual owner of a fast paced TV studio.

These two personal brands always rebrand.


Cause I’ve noticed that humans as moist. Like water. At least the artists, biz guys, and super self help guys are.

Like Bruce Lee said, “Be like Water.”

Or somethin’ like that.

But that’s what a personal brand does. Shift. Change. Adapt.

Pick up and gains skills and experiences. Tryin’ everythin’. Findin’ strengths. Seein’ weaknesses.

Shift. Shift. Shift.

Steve Jobs did it always. He was a general thinker. Stayed adaptable.

That’s probably the best thing I’ve learned workin’ customer service…

… If you always adapt, you’ll be good.

You gotta keep the finger on the pulse, you know?

Never, ever settle. There’s always more to do.

Law 25: Recreate Yourself – Robert Green


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