I’m a Starboy – My Favorite Album Of 2016!

Starboy!!!! Oh, yeah!!

I gotta say – first off – I am in love with this album…

… Oh, wait – before I start the review – I gotta say also I’m in love with music. Really in love. And I have a diverse range of genres that I listen too…

… Like hip hop. Rap. R & B. Pop. Smooth Jazz. 80s music!. Funk. Rock. Country. Post Hardcore. Drum n’ Bass. And many, many more.

My musical taste, which is super diverse, drives me pretty much. Drives my emotions. And allows me to start off my day on the right foot.

For a while in my life I would get up. And immediately hit the play button on my laptop to blast some loud blaring music. And dance wildly.

Actually I still do that. It’s super duper fun. Don’t tell anyone. Please don’t.

I gotta say though – music is super duper powerful cause of the fact it drives your emotion and feelings.

For example, I dunno how many times I played Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Mother’s Milk – it’s one of my favorite records, period. And there’s been countless times where the music pumped me up. Or helped me with my mood when I was down.

In fact, they’re one of my favorite bands ever. The lead singer – Anthony Kiedis – is my first role model ever. Love him. He’s the man.

Now, Imma be honest with you, I’m the not the most romantic R & B guy in the word. But there’s somethin’ ’bout the Weeknd’s music that is addictin’, infectious, and bursting at the seams with replay value. Guess that’s why he’s gotten so popular over the year.

Cause I remember when few people knew ’bout him. When had that super dark R & B sound, floatin’ around on the internet.

Now, he’s a mega pop star and you know what what? I cool with it. I like to see my favorite artists succeed. I really do. Other people don’t, but I ‘m not like other people it seems.

This dark pop brandin’ of The Weeknd is pretty cool. And I’m excited to tell you ’bout it.

Let’s begin…

What’s The Album Like?

This album is fire!!!!

I’ve been playin’ this damn thing over and over and over and over again.

It’s vintage Weeknd (voice wise, which is super buttery) over some slick, slick beats.

The album starts out with, Starboy, which I already loved. A super pop ish  song with a Daft Punk feature – sounds good. Then seamlessly transitions into Party Monster! Which is the bomb! I probably like this more than Starboy.

It has that heavy, heavy bass. Catchy hook. Superb voice. A++++

Then transitions into another single, False Alarm, which a lot like the title track – popish. Then seamlessly transitions  into, Reminder. Which is double bomb! He has this rapperish flow that I’m in love with.

Then he goes back to the Popish, upbeat sound that started the album.

Notice a pattern here?

Pop song to chill R&B/rap type song. Yeah, that’s a big feature of this album. And makes the album super dramatic. Kinda like a roller coaster. Up and down. Up and down.

That shows the artist carin’ bout their craft. And how it’s gonna be taken in by audiences.

My favorite thing ’bout him that I love is how he puts his Michael Jackson like voice and throws it into electronic beats like I Feel It Coming. It’s very cool. And shows a maturing in his brandin’ and creativity.

Another thing ’bout him is that he has minimal vocal guests. He only had Daft Punk, Future, Lana Del Rey, and Kendrick Lamar. That’s so cool. I like when artists hold their own. But that’s just personal preference.

Overall, this album has been awesome for me.

I really, really, really like record. It’s popish. Super creative. Not as dark as his other records. But still feels like the Weeknd.

If you want R &B with a new popish flair – give this a listen!

Favorite Tracks 


Party Monster


Nothing Without You

Score A+ 

You can listen to it on Spotify. It’s been out. You’ve probably heard, right?


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