Two BIG Lessons in Leadership From General George Patton – Ole Blood And Guts

I love leadership. I love studying it.

Watching inspiring videos on Youtube. And I love seeing how it can apply to my life. In some way shape or form.

I usually take what I learn and run with it for a couple days, months, or even years. Using a quote, or tactic as a good way to deal with something in my life. Such as the quote, “Don’t Think.”

This is a quote from my improv days. Which helps you stop thinkin’. Stop bein’ perfect. And helps you make split second decisions when a crisis happens. Excellent for problem solving.

I, especially, need this skill when workin’ at the bars I work at. Cause everything moves uber – uber fast. And problems arise quickly. And I gotta fix ’em just as quickly.

I’m really grateful for this skill cause before improv, I would over think every little thing I would do. From liftin’ weights, making food, or setting up plans to meet a friend.

Nowadays, I’m different – I overthink a lot less. Do stuff without hesitating. And this makes me overall more happy. And takes away a great deal of stress.

So, the latest legendary leader that I’ve been studying is George Patton. I’ve read two quick books on him, seen a documentary, and watched, Patton, the movie. Which you should see. It’s an amazin’ performance by George C Scott. Which gets you into his leadership style.

Here’s what I learned –

Number One – Be Bold

Patton was a tough, tough, tough guy. Probably as tough as they come. When he first appears in the movie to meet a new round of soldiers – they were shakin’ in their boots.


He’s blunt, crass, cusses and treats every person like a soldier (even if their not one). In one scene in Patton, the super blunt general told a guy (who’s not a solider) that he will fight when the time is right. The poor guy look super scared! And he should be cause in Patton’s world, everybody fights!

That’s the big thing I like ’bout Patton – he’s not afraid to be bold. Make statements. Take charge and go.

Really reminds me of Trump vs media this year. Actually, in the 2nd debate, Trump cited Patton as a reference. I geeked out when I heard him mention Patton. Kinda explains why he’s so wild, right?

There’s also another cool scene – where enemies are attacking from the sky. And Patton was with his troops inside. And instead of staying inside, Patton takes out his pistol, climbs to the roof, jumps on top of a truck and blasts back!

Crazy, right?

Super bold, huh?

What a leader.

To me, that’s a real leader. Has no fear.

Just super bold, bold, bold.

Number Two – Attack, Attack, Attack!

Patton was a offensive player.

He was famous for the blitzkrieg – a style of military strategy. Where you focus all your attacks on one area. Which lessens the amount lives lost. And puts your enemy on the defense.

Patton was a master of this. And was called upon to help defeat the Germans with his techniques. And experience.

So, now, I’m not fightin’ Germans. But I do use this method in my daily life.

How – you ask?

Well, I just do what Patton does – I stay on the offense.

Meaning with my writing – I write daily. Everyday. Why? Cause this is my # 1 passion. And it’s all I think ’bout. All I wanna get better at. It’s an obsession.

Hell, even if I don’t post on my blog, I still have a journal I write on daily. Or I type wonderful Tweets on Twitter. I still write daily. It’s my first attack. I’m still on the offensive.

My second attack is my health. I usually grab a kombucha, carrot juice, or coffy to start my day. Since that’s very important to me – I keep on top of it. These two things are my American Blitzkrieg. These two these things have helped me attack life as much as humanly possible.

Cause if you don’t attack, attack, attack – you’ll get super stale, rusty. And you don’t wanna get rusty, do ya?

So, overall, I really love Patton. He, like Trump, turned himself into a blunt, fearless character. And super good general of war. With a butt ton of courage.

That anyone can learn from. Even if they aren’t fightin’ Germans! He was THE best!

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer – Ole Blood & Guts (Aka Patton)
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 8.12.54 AM.jpeg

The openin’ scene of Patton!

Watch It! Good Movie!


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