My Favorite Book Of The Year – Gorilla Mindset!

I love books a lot. I read a whole bunch to many to even count, honestly.

I don’t have a set number. I just go to barnes and noble. And read, read, read.


Cause I love it. I can spend hours in the bookstore. Bouncin’ around from the business section to the humor section to the fiction to the military section. It doesn’t matter I read whatever.

Now, the fact that I read a lot of books causes me to whiz by some. And end up forgettin’ what I read. There’s only a couple authors that sick with me.

Like Elmore Leonard, James Patterson, Raymond, James Cain, Quentin Tarantino, Hemingway, Cormac, or the Coen Brothers. But this year – I’ve found a writer that is super unique…

… And his name is Mike Cernovich.

Now, Mike, to me is cool guy. But to others, he’s a wild Trump supporter on Twitter. He’s also a expert on other things other than politics. Like mindset, juicin’, fitness, travelin’, podcasts, marketin’, making documentaries. The man does everything, pretty much.

I started followin’ Mike earlier this year when Trump was catchin’ heat. And he’s has been super Trump supporter forever. Especially after the hot mic thing happened in October. Mike is a ride or die Trump guy til the end – it seems.

Mike even dropped a book called MAGA MINDSET. Which is awesome! Explains Trump’s rise. And why he has so many supporters – especially in the Rust Belt. Somethin’ I didn’t know what was happenin’.

For example, one reason is the bad trade deals that our government signed. Which pretty much killed factory jobs in the Rust Belt. And shipped them off elsewhere.

That book is quick. And breezy. A+++

I actually bought that one first. Liked that then bought his other book – Danger Play. And then, Gorilla Mindset. Which is the best, to me!

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 11.24.11 AM.JPG

Buildin’ Up My Kindle!

What – So Why Is It The Best?

So, imagine, you’re a young kid. Just graduated H.S. Or College. And confused ’bout what you wanna do in life.

You’re lost. Don’t know what to focus on? Money, finances?

Or even in your mid 20s (like me) and you’re just tryin’ stuff out seein’ if anything will stick. And your self esteem needs a tune – up?

Then… you need to…



Cause this book is awesome.

Wanna get your nutrition, right?

There’s something on that.

Your moolah not lookin’ so good?

Check! Mike’s got it covered!

Mindset techniques that actually work?

Yup, they do. They really do.

And honestly, I’m was like you – totally suspicious. He talks bout mantras and affirmations… And you’re thinkin’…

Is this gonna work? 

Is this dumb?

Answer: Nope, not at all. Works like a charm. Works for everyone. You just gotta do what Mike tells you.

So, how do I use it?

I use mindset exercises at work mostly. I work with drunk people all night, so I need my mindset strong to make it through the night. The exercises really came in handy.  I use it in real time. Real time. Which makes the exercises super actionable.

I just use my simple mantra of – I’m the best!

And then I go to work.

Hell, I even used the techniques on my mom. She had a negative setback recently. And I used reframing techniques to try my best to cheer her up. It actually helped too. And I only read the book twice when that happened. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Overall, Gorilla Mindset greatly, greatly exceeded my expectations. With it I’ve already become healthier. And my mindset skill is bein’ honed. And with a good mindset you can get what you want outta life. Whatever it is that you want.

Hell, look at the the guy that just got elected President. His mindset is strong, strong, strong.

Anyway, so grateful for this book. It has huge chunks of value. Oozes it, actually. It’s amazin’.

You can get it  here.

Bought this right after buyin’ the book. The most actionable self – help book ever, period.


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