Another New iPhone – Am I Goin’ To Get It?

The iPhone 7 was just released. And I’ve been debating whether to get it or not. Even though, it’s the same phone, essentially. And people still pitch tents to get this stuff. To me, that’s pretty darn crazy.

If you can get regular everyday people to waste good hard earned moolah to buy something they probably already have – what a damn good super power.

So, I’ve been studying Apple and Steve Jobs to figure out how they do that. And what I boiled it do is good marketing, good design, good branding – well great branding to be honest. The branding is so strong that the main leader is dead and they can still sell millions of products – pretty awesome, right?


Good Marketing – What The Hell Is It?

As an amateur “business student,” I search the ends of YouTube for definitions of marketing. And to be honest, marketing is huge. There’s so many different kinds of marketing – social media, TV ads, signs outside, banner ads, Google ad words, public relations, etc., etc. Companies spend millions and billions to market us their insanely similar products. So it’s pretty darn important. Extremely important.

To me, marketing is getting the word out about your product/service to prospective buyer. Marketing is the very start of business. The head. It’s the front door of your business.

Right now, it’s easier than ever to market anything cause of the Internet. Shucks – I’m marketing right now. If you’re reading this now, you just found out bout me. A random guy on the internet. I’m marketing. To you.

That CEO writing stuff on Linkedin is marketing.

The Weeknd just dropped his new single, “Starboy,” on YouTube – he’s marketing too. And he told Facebook and Instagram bout it too. Marketing.

That girl on Facebook talkin’ bout how guys are weird. She’s marketing too. She’s gettin’ the word out bout her ideas. She’s spreading her idea. That’s what Apple’s been doin’ for years. And it’s workin’ pretty well for them, don’t you think?

Good Design – Is It Really Important?

Looks are important. Don’t let anyone tell you different. People care how you look. Especially if you wanna attract the opposite sex. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Listen, I grew up a video game geek. And wasn’t attracting the girls I wanted. Why? Not cause of my personality. No. Cause my clothes didn’t tell the right story. It said, “I’m a geek. I like video games. I’m not that cool.” If I can call up young Jamual and can tell him somethin’ – it would be this: “Dude! Girls like cool guys, jocks, rappers, bad boys, rich guys. Upgrade your style, man.”

But the past is the past. Can’t change it.

Now, that’s what Steve Jobs focused on. The minimalist design. This is a huge contribution to their marketing and overall success. Cause they know looks matter. Look matter. Looks matter.

Storytellin’ – The Key to Marketing

The most persuasive people, products and service have one thing in common – they tell great stories. Think bout all your favorite TV shows. Breakin’ Bad, Simpsons, South Park, Greys Anatomy, Game of Thrones, Daredevil, and so on. They all are amazin’ shows with amazin’ stories. And that’s one of the most persuasive skills in the world. The ability to craft drama is pretty darn powerful.

Netflix has the power to have you lay in your bed for days on end. When you could be doin’ something vastly more productive with your time. It’s insane to me the amount of time wasted binge watching. And, honestly, I do it to. I’m guilty. But I like marketing. It’s kinda my job to study stories, you know?

Steve Jobs – being super persuasive – used stories to his advantage. His presentations were big stories that were dramatic, entertaining, inspiring. It moved people to want and buy the products he and his team made. That’s how you get people to buy…

… Tell ‘em a good story. Seth Godin has a book on this called All Marketers are Liars. It’s good stuff.

Overall, I dunno if I’m gonna get the iPhone 7. I’m totally sold into the story, but do I need a new phone – with some updates? Ahhh, we’ll see. We’ll see.

Awesome Ad — 1984!


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