Be Better Than Oprah — Consistency

I bet you want to lose weight. Real bad.

That was probably your New Year’s resolution because you’re not happy with your looks. Hell, I don’t know anyone who is, even celebrities, the rich and famous. Those people that have it all, so to speak.

Do you see Oprah — the most powerful woman in the world  — her weight keeps yo-yoing.

Watch this:

Wow, even Oprah, who has access to the best doctors, personal trainers and dietitians, can’t get it together.

So lately, I’ve been thinking, “What’s holding her and you back?” Well, I think its a lack of consistency with overall fitness goals.

You see, fitness is a life long commitment. This stuff takes years to get good at.

The best athletes, trainers, and gym rats (myself included) have been working out for years before we ever hit our personal goals.

It’s a marathon — not a sprint.

It takes time, patience, and a insane amount of practice. Working out, diet, getting enough sleep — should be second nature to you. You should be a robot, a fitness robot.

If you feel like you should be doing push-ups, you should have have done them already.

To achieve your fitness goals, you should be obsessed with it.  First thing in the morning, do your workouts. Fix your diet. Get your rest.

If you’re overweight, do a lot of cardio, cut carbs. If you’re underweight, eat a bunch of carbs and lift heavy. Easy.

You know how to do it. There’s a ton of info on the web. Enough research. Now, do it!

Obsess over  it, do it everyday — 365.

You got this.

— Jamual


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